Bright is a transgender author and theatre actress who met drag queen superstar and talented latex designer DJ Chicken in the late 1990’s. As club kids in the underground and London fetish scene, and stars of the gay club scene they soon set up multi media performance band synthetic pleasures and went on to travel the world… performing political and psychosocially challenging music for dance music conseseuirs.
In 2010 the conservatives got into power London and its beautiful flourishing fashion and nightlife scene rapidly died a death, clubs were closed, venues were turned in to luxury flats for the priviledged over class and airbnb sublets. Something had to give the reprobates queers and sassy straights needed a place to peacock themselves.
Bright started club Transister in 2015 to kick back and say enough is enough, the legendary stunners club had closed and the creatures of the night and ┬átechno tribes needed a new home quickly. Turnmills, bagleys, ghetto and most fo the other nightlife legends were now car parks and offices… what was happening to London was disgraceful. Only superheroes in latex could reclaim the night .
DJ  Jezebel came along to one of our early parties at the resistance gallery and immediately hit it off with the house of synthetic pleasures. A strong sisterhood was built and the super heroes of the clubbing contingent decided to take action and breath fresh life in to the failing faux pas which had become the scene
A community was born which became an all inclusive mix of trans bi straight gay lesbian all welcome and all mixed u kinky fetish loving freaks, a diverse crowd enjoying intelligent music, sexual hedonism and an attitude free vibration. It was like the 90s all over again. The synthetics advertised the club on swinger sites , lesbian magazines and in many kink communities to bring a unique diverse crowd together in one space, after all opposites do attract… good bye homogeny and hello magazine darling!…
1111 is a spiritual number which represents awakening we believe that through dance music and sexual expression we can find enlightenment friendship and freedom. 1111 was the first club to be invited to host a tent at the queer spirit festival in 2017 and Brightons GAY PRIDE 2017. We are currently the only club offering this kind of space crowd and music for those who are a little different and enjoy being part of something unique.
see you on the dancefloor….
38 Theydon Road
London, E5 9NA
Phone: 07900 255746